September 21, 2020

Media and Citizenship

Mellon Project Focus Area

About Us

The Media & Citizenship Blog is on part of The Media and Citizenship: Between Marginalisation and Participation project.

The project, led by professors Herman Wasserman and Anthea Garman and based in the School of Journalism and Media Studies, will critically examine the ways in which the South African media realise their potential to contribute to the reconstruction and renegotiation of citizenship. The research team now consists of postdoctoral fellow Vanessa Malila, a Rhodes graduate, who has now obtained a PhD at Leeds University in the UK; doctoral fellow Marietjie Oelofsen, who has worked for Idasa as its Programme Manager for Governance and AIDS; and MA students Stephane Meintjies, Azwi Mufamadi and Mvuzo Ponono.

The project seeks to establish through empirical research to what extent South African journalism across a wide variety of outlets and expressions facilitates democratic participation and voice in the public sphere, especially for the most marginalised of citizens.  The project aims to establish how notions of media, citizenship and democracy are articulated in actually-existing social contexts and thus contribute to a better understanding of how media could contribute to the improvement of democratic participation.

This blog will be used by the research team to generate discussion around various issues within the focus area. The blogging platform will also be used to encourage other academics within the department and outside it to contribute to the discussions by posting relevant research, opinion pieces and summaries of papers. The blog will therefore be used to generate an on-going and open conversation around issues pertinent to the focus area.

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